Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists

The Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists is a nationwide organization with specialist sections for fine arts, applied arts, design, restoration, and art history. For more than half a century, and since the political and economic changeover too, it has fostered the best traditions of its precursor organizations – the Fine Arts Society and the Applied Arts Society, both founded in the 19th century – in fostering links between art and society.


  • Promoting organized cooperation between leading fine artists, applied artists, designers, restorers, art historians, and art critics;
  • Promoting the values of contemporary fine arts and applied arts through support for the creative work of members;
  • Strengthening the role of art in society, as well as the protecting of artistic values, through representation of members’ professional interests.

More important tasks:

  • Participation in the framing of those legal regulations and governmental decisions which have a bearing on art and artists, and adopting standpoints on the more important issues affecting culture and art; cooperation with other social and art organizations, and with those institutions which support culture; and the maintenance of institutional links with state organizations on issues affecting the Association’s work;
  • Maintaining links with state foundations and other foundations; undertaking the role of information-provider and mediator with regard to competitions; organizing competitions, and competing itself in the interests of its members; making recommendations for the awarding of professional and state honours, art prizes and scholarships; awarding prizes and scholarships for outstanding artistic work;
    Creating a forum for the popularization of the various currents in art, showing respect for the different trends and for personal opinions;
    Supporting studio work, as well as individual and joint artistic events; playing a part in the transformation of the visual aspects of the built environment; organizing exhibitions and other events; and encouraging the holding of annual and regular national exhibitions;
  • Collecting and mediating professional information for members, and publishing an information bulletin; operating and maintaining an office serving the interests of the membership, along with those of the district organizations.


  • Full members: All fine artists, applied artists, designers, restorers, art  historians, and art critics whose professional work warrants it and who accept the Association’s constitution may be full members of the Association;
  • Supporting members: All natural persons, legal entities and organizations without legal entity status who or which accept the Association’s constitution and render support for the achievement of the Association’s aims can be supporting members of the Association;
  • Honorary members: Honorary membership may be bestowed by the Committee on those persons who have performed work deserving of recognition in the interests of those branches of art represented by the Association.

National and specialist sections:

In line with their specialization within the arts, members of the Association are active in the following specialist groupings:

Society of Hungarian Ceramists – Society of Industrial Designers – Textile Section – Interior Design Section – Graphic Design Section – Glass Design Section – Sculpture Section – Painting Section – Medallion Section – Computer Section – Restoration Section – Cartoon Section – Jewellery Section – Interdisciplinary Section – Pictorial Graphics Section – Criticism Section

District organizations:

Fine and applied artists living outside the capital may set up district organizations.
These district organizations may, if they so choose, operate as legal entities.
In its own field of operation, a district organization represents the Association and works to achieve the Association’s aims.

The Association’s international ties:

In the interests of achieving its key aims and performing its key tasks, the Association maintains ties not only with organizations in Hungary, but also with international organizations functioning in the various fields of visual culture. It belongs to the following, among others:

AIAP (Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques; also known as the IAA: International Association of Art)
ETN (International Textile Network)
FIDEM (Fédération Internationale de la Medaille)
ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations)
ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design)

  • The Association has two exhibition halls: a larger one (approx. 140 sq.m.) for group or bigger shows and other events (symposia and so on), and a smaller one (approx. 70.sq.m.) for solo shows and specialist section events. Both halls are situated in the heart of the capital.
  • The Association also has a specialist library (some 8000 books and periodicals), as well as an archive on its history since 1949.